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NEII's Mailing Address Has Changed

Please note that the mailing address for NEII is now 5537 SW Urish Road, Topeka, KS 66610.

NEII Board of Directors Meeting

On Friday, December 4, NEII’s Board of Directors met. The Board reflected on a challenging yet rewarding year as the association was able to develop a website and valuable resources to assist the industry navigate the policy directives and other orders associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Board attention then turned towards 2021 and moving the industry priorities forward.

Industry Response to COVID-19 Challenges

As COVID-19 cases surge in states across the country again, jurisdictions are making restrictions, and NEII is staying on top of the developments. Each Friday, we continue to send out a newsletter with the highlights from the week, and we have resumed updates to our detailed spreadsheet, which is also available on our website.

See NEII’s most recent COVID-19 newsletter for detailed information on the states and jurisdictions that have increased restrictions and those with travel requirements related to the pandemic. See also NEII’s recommended policies, safety tips for the riding public, and recommendations for facility managers.

Help Us Improve our Industry Guidelines by Completing our NEII-1 Survey

For decades, NEII has developed and maintained the Best Practices and Guidelines for the Building Transportation Industry, called NEII-1. The best practices are industry specifications to help architects, designers and contractors accommodate for the space and details of elevators in building plans. Some of our member companies also direct new employees to NEII-1 to provide some basics of the industry as a training tool. NEII-1 is available to everyone, and we are looking for input on how we can improve this valuable industry resource. Please complete this brief survey to help us continue to improve NEII-1.

Code Development Cycle Opens for 2024 International Building Code (IBC)

The Code Development Cycle for the 2024 IBC is now open. Proposals for code changes are due by January 11, 2021. The Committee Action Hearings on code change proposals that impact elevators will be held between April 11 – May 5, 2021.  A hearing schedule and detailed list of proposals will be available closer to the meeting dates. Please contact Kevin Brinkman if you would like to submit any code proposals or would like additional information. 

NAEC Announces Executive and Deputy Directors

Rená B. Cozart was named the new Executive Director of the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC) on November 10. Rená has served in various management and development roles. Previous roles include the Southeast Region Executive Director for the American Cancer Society and the Division Vice President for the American Diabetes Association, South Region. Rená is a native Georgian, raised in Marietta and a graduate of Georgia State University.

Amanda Smith has been named NAEC’s Deputy Director. Amanda has been with NAEC since 2007. She has served as Special Projects and Credentialing Manager and most recently as Director of Education and Finance handling the association's accounting and finances. During her 13 years with the NAEC, she has worked directly with the NAEC membership as the staff liaison to various committees, including the Education & Safety, Certification Board, Finance, A/R, and VTMP Committees.

NAESA International Selects New Executive Director

James L. “Jim” Borwey has been appointed as the new Executive Director of National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities International beginning January 1, 2021.    He is replacing Robert Shepherd who is retiring after serving in that role for the past 5 years. Jim is currently the Manager of the Elevator, Boiler and Amusement Ride Bureau for the state of Iowa. Jim has been a longtime member of NAESA and has been QEI certified by NAESA since 2000.

Calendar of Events

  • NEII Offices closed for the holidays - December 24-25 and December 31-January 1


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