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News Related to COVID-19 from the jurisdictions this week:
  • Colorado: Phased reopening- as of 1/5/21 one county is in Level Blue, three counties are in Level Yellow, and the remaining counties are still in Level Orange
  • District of Columbia: A pause of various activities from 12/23/20- 1/15/21. The District's public emergency and public health emergency has been extended through 3/31/21
  • Louisiana: Moved back to Phase 2 of reopening until 1/13/21
  • Maine: State of Civil Emergency has been extended through 1/20/21
  • Massachusetts: The state implemented new capacity restrictions on most industries and sectors beginning 12/26/20
  • Michigan: Eased some restrictions from the pause on reopening and extended other restrictions until 1/15/21
  • Minnesota: Starting 1/11/21, the state will ease some restrictions on businesses
  • Nebraska: Transitioned to a phased approach to public health restrictions based on percentage of staffed hospital beds occupied by COVID-19 patients. Currently in the Blue phase
  • New Hampshire: Gov. Sununu extended state of emergency until 1/22/21
  • North Dakota: Transitioned to a county-based reopening system. As of 1/8/21, every county is in the Yellow (moderate risk) phase
  • Oregon: County Risk Levels updated: Effective 1/1/21 – 1/14/21, 23 counties in Extreme Risk Level, 6 at High Risk, 0 at Moderate Risk and 7 at lower risk
  • Vermont: State of Emergency extended until 1/15/21
  • Washington: As of 1/11/21, the state will move to a regional phased recovery plan. The entire state will begin in Phase 1
  • Alberta: Stronger mandatory measures are in effect across the province until 1/21/21
  • British Columbia: Individuals and business must significantly reduce social interactions and travel order in effect until 2/5/21
  • Manitoba: Lockdown extended 2 weeks until 1/22/21
  • Prince Edward Island: Post-Circuit breaker measures extended 1/6/21- 1/25/21 Alert level: Caution
  • Quebec: All of Quebec, except the Cree Territory of James Bay and Nunavik, will be on Maximum Alert (red zone) from 1/9/21 up to and including 2/8/21
  • Yukon: No travel restrictions, but self-isolation requirements are in place: 14 day self-isolation

Visit NEII's Coronavirus Resources page for a complete list of jurisdictions as well. Please keep in mind that this information is meant to be used as a resource and is not intended as legal guidance. We will continue to send an updated chart to all NEII members every Friday throughout this crisis.

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Throughout these uncertain times, please don’t hesitate to contact your NEII staff with any questions on how the COVID-19 is impacting the elevator industry – or any other issue – by emailing us at

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