Welcome Billy Taylor and Trent Behr to the Team and much more
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NEII Welcomes Trent Behr and Billy Taylor to the Team

On April 11, Trent Behr, Director of Safety, and Billy Taylor, Director of Government Affairs, joined the NEII team. You can read their bios on our website by clicking the link on their names above. Please join us in giving Trent and Billy warm welcomes.

National Volunteer Week Celebration at NEII Continues

April 18-24 was National Volunteer Week, and last month NEII i shared the causes that are most important to our staff members. Since last month, we have welcomed two new staff members, and here are their chosen causes:

Trent Behr: The Delta Chi Educational Foundation whose mission is to develop, manage and steward financial resources to further promote the acquisition of a sound education.

Billy Taylor: HopeNet LA which manages a network of food pantries across LA that provide food for free to anyone who wants or needs it. In 2021, the charity distributed 4.1 million pounds of food and served more than 261,000 people.

Building Safety Month

The International Code Council's 42nd annual Building Safety Month takes place in May. The theme for 2022 is Safety For All: Building Codes in Action. Each year, Building Safety Month raises awareness about the importance of building codes in ensuring safety in the spaces in which we live, work and learn. As always, NEII will be amplifying ICC's Building Safety Month messaging in May. If you don't already, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.
Construction Safety Week

May 2-6 is Construction Safety Week, and there are a lot of resources for new content for your safety meetings, toolbox talks and more at, including daily content on a new topic. The theme for this year’s Construction Safety Week is Connected. Supported. Safe.

In addition, NEII will be sharing content on our social media channels on hoistway protection to encourage construction professionals from all industries to stay safe on jobsites with hoistway hazards. Please amplify our messaging on Twitter and LinkedIn.
Certify Your Company's Safety Stand Down

This Construction Safety Week and Building Safety Month is a perfect time to plan a safety stand-down, and OSHA has offered certificates for participation in a stand-down event to prevent falls in construction. Learn more here.
U.S. Department of Labor Workers Memorial Day

On April 28, the Department of Labor held a national ceremony, hosted events around the country and published a blog to commemorate Workers Memorial Day. You can watch and share the entire event via a YouTube link here.
OSHA Initiative to Protect Workers from Heat Hazards

As part of the Biden-Harris administration's commitment to workplace safety, OSHA is working to address the threat of heat, the leading cause of death among all weather-related workplace hazards.

OSHA's efforts to address heat-related hazards include the agency's Heat Illness Prevention Campaign, compliance assistance and enforcement activities. During the meeting, the process of federal rulemaking and ways for the public to participate in the process will be discussed.

Visit the Heat Forum Public Stakeholder page for more details.
Code Development Update

I-Codes:  The Group B Committee Action Hearings were held March 27 to April 6 to review proposed changes to the International Existing Building Code, International Residential Code, and structural requirements in the International Building Code.  Committee actions will be posted by May 9 and public comments are due by June 20 for the Group B proposals.  Group A code changes, which included Chapter 30 on Elevators, were completed last year.
ICC A117.1 Standard for Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities:  The A117 committee is meeting virtually to review proposed revisions for the next cycle.  The goal is to complete the work in time for publication at the end of 2023.
ASME A17/CSA B44:   The 2022 edition is scheduled for publication in Q4 this year. The A17 Standards committee and working groups are in the process of reviewing and responding to public review comments prior to the publication process.
Recent Code Adoptions

  • Maryland – Adopted ASME A17.1-2019/CSA B44:19 with an effective date of 4/15/2022.
  • Oklahoma - Adopted NFPA70 – 2020 with an effective date of 4/15/2022.
  • Vermont – Adopted NFPA70 – 2020 with an effective date of 4/15/2022.

Calendar of Events

  • BOMA International Conference & Expo – June 25-28, 2022, Nashville, TN
  • NAEC 73rd Annual Convention & Expo - September 17-21, Louisville, KY
  • BuildingsNY - September 21-22, 2022, NYC
  • International Elevator & Escalator Symposium - December 12-13, 2022, Barcelona, Spain


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